Health tips to beat the Summer Heat


Summer is at its peak now. The increasing temperature day by day is becoming the major concern globally.This summer is a gateway to many health problems, so it is must that a proper care should be taken to beat this rise in temperature. The most observed and common health hazards during this season are dehydration, dullness, food poisoning and heat stroke. Thus taking a proper and balanced diet is most important thing. Also we should drink more and more water or other healthy drinks to avoid dehydration.Let me now discuss with you some healthy foods to be taken in summer:

Water is most important to keep us cool during summer. The evaporation of sweat from the body is slowed down by water keeping the body humid. Water can be taken in any form as juices, drinks etc. One should drink at least 8-9 glasses of water to avoid dehydration.

Do not take alcoholic, carbonated, high sugar and caffeinated beverages: All these liquids contain preservatives, colors and sugars. These are harmful for health as they cause loss of fluid from body in the form of urine. Intake of soft drinks reduce mineral levels in the body due to which enzymes do not function well and cause indigestion.

Meals should be light, nutritious and non-fatty: Your meals should include light and healthy food which keeps you active and refreshed. Sprouts, pulses and rice should be the part of your meals. You can include Tulsi Seed (Sabza) in your drinks as it has a very good cooling effect.

Fruits and Vegetables: Eat fresh fruits and green vegetables. Some fruits are rich in fibers which helps in proper digestion. Increase the consumption of juicy and sugary fruits as they will keep you hydrated. Fruits and veggies can be taken in the form of salad and juices. Avoid taking extra sugar with them.

Lemon juice, coconut water, thin buttermilk are considered to be easily available and healthy drinks. They avoid the loss of fluids from body in the form of sweat.

Do not take hot, spicy and extremely salty food: Inorganic salts are digested in the body and needs to be thrown down. Hence you need to drink water.Fruits and veggies containorganic salt.

Do not take fried foods: Foods like samosa, vada and pakoda etc. should be avoided as these are considered as heavy foods and may cause headache and acidity during summers.

Eat more and more energy giving foods. Add salads and curd to your meals as they are the best coolants during summer. Curd is best antioxidant and also it keeps the body cool. Curd can be consumed plain or in the form of buttermilk, lassi, raita. It is very important to adopt balanced food habits to stay fit and healthy as it is well said that “Healthy mind stays in healthy body”. So eat healthy, stay healthy and beat this summer by consuming more and more coolants. Keep reading our blog for some more useful tips.


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